Frequently Asked Questions

What is the duration of the fellowship?

The duration of fellowship will be six months.

Who can apply to this fellowship?

Anyone who is born on or after 1st Nov’ 1989 and is a graduate, postgraduate or has completed at least three years of college can apply.

If I am not selected. Can I apply again?

Yes, you can apply in the subsequent years.

Will I be provided fooding and accomodation?

Yes, food and accomodation will be provided for the complete duration of fellowship.

Can foreign citizens apply?

Yes, the fellowship is open to foreign citizens as well. However you are responsible for the arrangement of Visa & work permit.

Will I be allowed to go home in between the fellowship?

No, you will be not allowed to go home in between the fellowship. In case of emergency, you may be allowed to go home after proper approval from the authority. You will have to bear the expenses of this travel.

Will I be paid for the fellowship?

You will be paid a monthly stipend for the complete duration of fellowship.

Will the travel expenses be provided?

You will be provided a to and fro flight ticket from Delhi to Srinagar. You will be provided Airport pick and drop. Local official travel will also be provided.

Where will I be teaching?

You will be teaching in schools, NGOs, trusts, foundations, etc. in one of the districts of Kashmir.

What will I be teaching?

You will be teaching subjects of your interest among English, Maths, Science and Social Science to Class 9th and Class 10th students. You will also be conducting a series of activities for overall development of students.

Is it safe to come to Kashmir? How is the current situation there?

Yes, it is very safe to come to Kashmir. You will be briefed about the situation and do’s and don'ts. The current situation at the places where you will be working is conducive.

What will be the working hours?

You will be required to work at least 8 hours a day.

Will there be a holiday?

Yes, you will have 6 working days every week. There will be additional state holidays.

Will I be allowed to travel?

Yes, you will be allowed to travel and visit places in the holidays.