Quality education is a sparse commodity in Kashmir. The decades of conflict has left the education system in tatters. The schooling system has suffered the most owing to complete administrative negligence. Students, instead of deciding on what opportunities to pursue, have been pushed towards hopelessness. Local youth are not able to acquire the necessary knowledge and training for becoming quality professionals. In the absence of adequate guidance, counseling and mentors, students perform poorly in examinations, and lack the awareness about the educational opportunities. This combination of lack of awareness and guidance, over the years, has prevented students in Kashmir from dreaming big, and has pushed them towards mediocrity. Consequently, the representation of students from Kashmir in premier educational institutions is minimal. This has further created a menacing problem of unemployment and underemployment.


At RISE, we equalize educational opportunities for students, by bridging the gap between talent and opportunities. We impart required skills and knowledge through the most effective learning processes. Over the course of years, many of our students got into prestigious institutions and have become role models for the youth of Kashmir. We are creating a generation of empowered youth, change-makers and future leaders.

At RISE, we plan to create future leaders and change makers.


This fellowship is a unique opportunity for the change-makers of tomorrow to work with RiSE towards transforming the education landscape, and the lives of youth, in Kashmir. This enriching and immersive experience will involve working on ground solving the dynamic challenges of education scenario in Kashmir. The RiSE Fellowship follows a three-tier model: Educate, Collaborate and Empower.

Educate: Fellows will be involved in teaching subjects of their expertise to improve academics of students of class 9th and 10th. These students belong to underprivileged sections of the society. Fellows will conduct plethora of intricately designed activities to enhance life skills set and impart confidence. Fellows will be expected to innovate, and critically examine the practicality of their solutions.

Collaborate: The challenges in education are made up of interlinking parts and structures within a bigger, more complex system. Solving them will require the fellows to collaborate with stakeholders in and around their designated workplaces during the fellowship and come up with multi-dimensional solutions. By closely working with students, fellows will be able to create a bond with them, where in they’ll learn about their specific problems, and help tackle them.

Empower: Fellows will constantly motivate and inspire students to chase excellence. Fellows, through their own experiences and knowledge, will be the doorway to a whole new world of exposure and opportunities for the students. Fellows will kindle a hope among students for better tomorrow.

Through this distinct and stimulating experience, fellows will develop leadership and interpersonal skills. They will gain a keen understanding of navigating complex social problems.

The fellowship is for a period of 6 months and is a lifetime opportunity to transform the lives of others, and embark on a journey of becoming a leader.

Important Dates:
Applications open till September 20th, 2018
Fellowship begins November 1st, 2018
Duration 6 months


Fellows will receive a monthly salary of INR 20,000 in addition to food and accommodation facility. They will also be provided with a to and fro air ticket from Delhi to Srinagar.


We look for working graduates or final/pre final year college students coming from diverse background to form a strong team of fellows. We want our fellows to have sheer determination & grit to solve problems through creative thinking and innovative solutions. Fellows are expected to make the best out of this opportunity at RiSE and scale the impact of their work and use their experiences be a leader for tomorrow. Fellows should have strong perseverance with a sense of belonging to the workplace.

We can’t wait to listen from you about your desire to be a changemaker and inspire others.

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2018 RiSE Fellowship Applications are Closed

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