Inspire a generation of students to identify and nurture their potential by attaining values and skills
to be the role models and leaders our society needs.

Education Scenario in Kashmir

Quality education is a sparse commodity in Kashmir. The decades of conflict has left the education system in tatters. The schooling system has suffered the most owing to complete administrative negligence. Students, instead of deciding on what opportunities to pursue, have been pushed towards hopelessness. Local youth are not able to acquire the necessary knowledge and training for becoming quality professionals. In the absence of adequate guidance, counseling and mentors, students perform poorly in examinations, and lack the awareness about the educational opportunities. This combination of lack of awareness and guidance, over the years, has prevented students in Kashmir from dreaming big, and has pushed them towards mediocrity. Consequently, the representation of students from Kashmir in premier educational institutions across the world is minimal. This has further created a menacing problem of unemployment and underemployment.

How RiSE is solving this problem

At RISE, we equalize educational opportunities for students, by bridging the gap between talent and opportunities. We design and implement learning processes to impart the required skills and knowledge. Over the years, owing to our various programs, many students have made it to prestigious institutions of the country and the world, and have become role models for the youth of Kashmir.

At RISE, we are creating a generation of empowered youth, change makers and future leaders.

Our Methodologies

Through counseling and awareness sessions, we root out the information disparity and create a wave of hope among the students. We encourage them to chase excellence and break the cycle of mediocrity.
Through intricately planned outreach campaigns we connect students with mentors. We provide them with comprehensive tools and resources to bridge the gap between their talent and opportunities.

We engage with experts to scientifically design classroom programs for students in Kashmir. We impart them with necessary skills and knowledge, which helps them in achieving success.
We collaborate with schools, NGOs and other educational institutions to streamline their teaching methodologies. We improve learning outcomes of students at our partner organisations by creating and implementing specific solutions for them.