Admission to the institute is offered on the basis of student's performance in our admission test.


RISE, is raising the benchmark of success year after year. Our students have secured admission to IITs, NITs, IIITs, BITS, GMC, SKIMS, University of Pennsylvania, Princeton University, etc.

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RISE, currently offers multiple courses for medical, non-medical, engineering, JEE & NEET aspirants.

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Why Choose RISE?

IITian Faculty

Focus on Competitive and Board Exams

Small Batch Size

Highest Selections in the Valley

Located in Quiet Environment

Alternate Day Classes

Regular Doubt Clearance Sessions

Affordable Fee

Spacious and Air-Conditioned Classrooms

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Sheikh Nagma , AIIMS

RISE, an incredible platform for turning dreams into reality! RISE has such an amazing team of faculty renowned for their extraordinary teaching and excellence in their subjects. They provide an extra edge to the preparation by providing mentorship to the students individually along with fruitful doubt sessions. The meticulous curriculum here, make aspirants become habitual to the hurdles during NEET preparation. They have a rigorous test series and meticulous study material which really helps in the preparation. It's not just about cramming for exams at RISE. They've got this whole vibe going on where they teach you how to handle the tough stuff, like when you're stuck on a problem or feeling overwhelmed. RISE is the best place to be for NEET preparation because if you are willing to go an extra mile then RISE is willing to go with you.

Mohammad Peerzada, IIT Bombay

Two of the most important things that one requires for clearing a highly competitive exam like JEE Advanced is good guidance and expert mentorship, and that is how I found RISE. I chose RISE, because I wanted to ensure that if I had to clear this exam I would have to study and take guidance from people who have already cracked JEE before. I had come from a rote learning background which is engraved across Kashmir's schooling system, where there is a lot less emphasis on understanding concepts and applying them, and this approach of mine was changed when I came to RISE. The teachers at RISE not only helped me to bridge the gap between board and JEE system but also helped get a head start in my prep. I started my prep like any other aspirant thinking about getting AIR-1, but then life is not a bed of roses, at least my prep was not. It was a journey full of ups and downs (I like to call them learnings) but because I was constantly putting effort and also because I was going in the right direction as guided by my mentors at RISE, I managed to get along the difficult part too. To be honest one of my peers literally said that it was impossible for me to get into IITB CSE and he was half right only. Also the peer group at RISE was so good that i always was challenged to do better and better, because there were dozens that were smarter than me and put more effort than me. And speaking of downs, i qualified JEE Advanced in the first attempt but i was not getting any top IIT and then I decided to take a drop and here as well my mentors at RISE helped me in shaping this decision as they gave me clarity on what challenges i might have to face in my drop year, but this time i was more determined than ever and started to slog for JEE again. This time around i did it and not only did i get a good rank i got the best engineering college in India - IIT Bombay, of which many only dream about and few grind to get it.

Nadeem Shabir, IIT Bombay

My transformative journey at RISE began in 11th grade, where the daunting prospect of JEE Advanced and the extraordinary aptitude of my peers initially made me question my abilities, limiting my aspirations to NIT. Despite this, I engaged earnestly, seeking clarification from my exceptionally talented peers while adhering to the rigorous advice imparted by my dedicated teachers.
As I meticulously burnt the midnight oil, an evolution unfolded. The meticulous guidance and unwavering support of my instructors proved instrumental at every juncture. Late-night queries were met with an unwavering responsiveness, fostering an environment where my academic pursuits knew no temporal bounds. The unique pedagogy at RISE became the catalyst for a profound paradigm shift in my preparation, a transformation beyond my capacity to articulate. The meticulously crafted test series provided by RISE emerged as a formidable propellant, propelling me with equal vigor through both the JEE Mains and Advanced examinations. Reflecting upon this journey, I wholeheartedly recommend RISE to prospective students, irrespective of their initial academic standing. Through dedicated adherence to RISE's methodology, even those deemed below average can undoubtedly ascend to their dream colleges. It is with immense pride that I can affirm my success in clearing both JEE Mains and Advanced in my inaugural attempt, a testament to the transformative impact of my experience at RISE.

Lailooma Amin, GMC Srinagar

I am really thankful to RISE for guiding me through the NEET Exam. The Faculty were not only passionate about teaching but genuinely invested in the success of students. The comprehensive curriculum at RISE covered all aspects of the NEET syllabus, leaving no stone unturned and equipped me with the necessary knowledge and skills to tackle even the most challenging questions. Apart from the academic support, I would also like to express my appreciation for the positive and encouraging learning environment fostered by RISE which helped me to stay determined and motivated. Thanks to your unwavering support, I was able to crack the NEET Exam successfully. I am confident that many more students will benefit from your expertise and guidance in the years to come.

Yawar Zia, GMC Srinagar

I am writing this to express my deepest gratitude for the invaluable support and guidance that RISE provided me in my two year (11th and 12th class) journey to crack the NEET Exam in my very first attempt. I am particularly grateful for the personalized attention I received during my time at RISE. The small batch sizes allowed for individualized interaction, enabling me to clarify doubts and receive focused guidance whenever needed. The faculty members were always approachable and took the time to understand and address any difficulties I faced, ensuring that I stayed motivated and on track. I am forever indebted to your Institute for the incredible impact you have had on my life.